The Goldrose School For Girls. A Fictional Textbook. “Magical Government: For those wishing to have careers in the ministry. By Eredemia Frouffly.”

*Chapter One: Areas of Government and what they are for:
~ Schooling & Education
~ Healthcare
~ Magical Businesses
~ Broom Traffic & the Airways
~ Magical Building & Infrastructure
~ Realm Changing
~ Australian Magical Currency
~ Travelling Overseas
~ Products and Services
~ Law Enforcement
~ Judicial Ministry
~ Spell Reversals
~ Magic Rectification
~ Magic Allowance
~ Prohibited Items
~ Intertwined Ministries
*Chapter Two: Roles & Responsibilities in Government:
~Main Minister
~Assistant Minister
~Public Affairs Minister
~Judicial Minister
~Criminal Minister
~Education Minister
~Healthcare Minister
~Infrastructure Minister
~Magic Monitoring
~Spell Reversals Minister
~Airways Minister
~Flysports Minister
~Wilted Interactions Minister
*Chapter Three: Laws By Ministry:
~ Broom Traffic and Airways
~ Flysport Regulations
~ Flying Regulations
~ Wand Regulations
~ Spell-casting Regulations
~ Currency Regulations
~ Potion Regulations
~ Magic Regulations
~ Building Regulations
~ Disappearing Regulations
~ Charm Regulations
~ Business Regulations
*Chapter Four: Breaches in legislation, and its punishments:
~Judicial Ministry
~Criminal Ministry
~Punishments, penalties, and fines
*Chapter Five: Ministry locations and their portfolios:

Chapter One: Areas of Government and what they are for
Schooling and Education
The Schooling and Education Ministry represents, monitors, and looks after
The Goldrose School for Girls in Peach Blossom Lane, and the Meridian
School for Boys, in Dark Forest Cove. It also oversees the funding, (financial
and magical) of the many independent and privatised CATS (Certificates at
Tertiary Schools) students enrol into after year twelve. These schools were
founded in 1932 by Thistlethorn Goldrose, and his wife Bergamot Goldrose
(nee Dale). In 1996, the operations of the school were handed over to the
ministry as a government-operated ministry, because enrollments increased
beyond the threshold where individuals and/or partnerships are allowed to be
in full control of any kind of educational institution. Prior to this however, the
running and operations, and employment of staff, and enrollment of students
at both of these schools, was the sole responsibility of Bergamot and
Thistlethorn Goldrose, whom had a small team of staff coordinating alongside
themselves. These are the only two magical schools in Melbourne for students
aged five to eighteen. Magical parents can send their children to wilted
schools however it is extremely rare, and it is strongly advised against by the
This ministry ensures students at primary, and secondary schools across
Melbourne, are all receiving the same kind of learning, the same curriculum,
and the necessary skills in their chosen CATS, to enter the workforce post
year-twelve. Only ten percent of Goldrose and Meridian graduates opt out of
further education after graduating.
It is by design that the staff selected to teach students at Goldrose and
Meridian are of the same gender as their students, to initiate bonding on a
professional but friendly basis. This is not to say that people of the opposite
sex are unprofessional or unfriendly toward one another, more that women
bond with women better, and men bond with men better, thus creating a more
cohesive and productive learning environment. Students are afterall
participants in the education sector for a large chunk of their lives; those
choosing to study multiple CATS, even more so.

This ministry controls and oversees the operations of the healthcare system in
Australia. Our healthcare system comprises all of the hospitals and doctors
patients visit throughout their lives. It also oversees nurses working in the
sickbays at Goldrose and Meridian for they are well-trained professionals who
have government and parental permission to administer physical and magical
spells and cures to any underage/legal-age student if need be. It is monitored
in such a way so that all students are spell-cast against chicken-pox, measles,
mumps, dipheria, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, tetanus, and meningococcal, in
accordance with the Healthcare Ministry’s Healthcare Plan, which is reviewed

Magical Business
This ministry oversees that all business-owners in Peach Blossom Lane and
Dark Forest Cove run their businesses in accordance with the guidelines set by
the Magical Business ministry. These guidelines and rules are reviewed every
six months. There are many guidelines and rules shop-owners must abide by
and these will be outlined in Chapter Three: Laws By Ministry.

Broom Traffic and the airways
This ministry brainstorms and implements legislation for air-users – anyone
who is flying a broom. It also controls who can buy a broom, and the age one
must be in order to fly on a broom. It works closely with the Judicial Ministry
when deciding if certain criminals are allowed access to brooms or not. It
represents individuals caught up in air-crashes, and works closely with the
Judicial Ministry when a matter of damages and/or compensation is being
claimed by any potential injured parties. Air-crashes are very rare amongst the
general public, but unlike our wilted counterparts who have traffic lights for
their on-road vehicles, we do not have traffic signals in the air, for they would
cause more accidents instead of fewer. In the Flysporting arena however, air-
crashes are very common, due to the nature of Flysport itself, and many
professional flyers have been known to claim damages against one another
after suffering temporary injuries and illness, even if it has been corrected with

Magical Building and Infrastructure
This ministry oversees the building (physical and magical) of all of the
dwellings and homes in our realm. The Planning Minister decides whether
certain buildings will be approved for building or not and bases his/her
findings/conclusions on drafts submitted to him/her by individuals wishing to
build. This includes building brick by brick in the physical manner, and also
building any dwellings in the magical manner – with wand. This ministry
oversaw the building of all of the shops in Peach Blossom Lane, and Dark
Forest Cove, and newly, the building of our community’s newest bank –
Felgamore’s. This ministry also just recently worked very closely with the
Magic Allowance Ministry a few weeks ago when it distributed extra
allowances of magic to all Bloomers and Rooks of legal age, residing in
Melbourne, to recreate their homes inside our realm whence the Magical
Ministry as a whole recently decided to close the doorways to the wilted
realm, infinitely. This was due to several disappearances the magical
community was objected to, involving two Goldrose women being kidnapped
by some wilted citizens in order to gain more information about our kind. It
was deemed safer, by all ministries at the Doorway Erasure Meeting held two
weeks ago now, to erase these doorways until further legislation is decided
upon and/or reviewed.

Realm Changing
Please note – This ministry has disbanded and all content from this chapter has
been magically erased by the Education Ministry. Please ask your teacher
questions about this ministry if you are genuinely curious.

Australian Magical Currency
Please note – This outline was once much more indepth as it outlined the
currency used by wilted and by ourselves, however since the erasure of the
doorways to the wilted realm, this outline now only explains magical currency
only. Any students curious and interested in knowing more about dollars and
cents should consult their teachers with their questions if they are genuinely
This ministry ensures Felgamore’s operates itself in accordance with the
guidelines set by the Magical Businesses Ministry, when the exchanging,
withdrawing, converting, changing, or the handing over of money occurs. In
times past, several bank tellers who worked at the former magical bank which was
called Hertils, were known to convert customers’ money incorrectly, and were
pocketing the difference in their own bank accounts. The Judicial Ministry
was involved in every case of this happening, and the offenders were either
fined or imprisoned for wrongful behaviour. This ministry also works closely
with the Judicial Ministry in surveilling young kids, and adolescents lest they
charm their money into displaying itself as a value higher than that it
physically is. There have been cases in the past where very clever twelve year
olds were caught by the Judicial Ministry for carrying on them one thousand
stroms when in actual fact, it was really only two stroms. This ministry
monitors wrong-doers closely. Spells associated with money-growing do exist,
but be warned if you try them – you will be fined and punished.

Travelling Overseas
Please note: this outline used to have more detail however no longer mentions
travelling overseas in the wilted realm, for it has become impossible, after the
Magical Ministry decided to close all doorways to the wilted realm a few
weeks ago. Bloomers and Rooks can still travel overseas by broom, and in
large parties, but they are confined to our realm.
This ministry ensures all travellers are accounted for wherever they go, and
that their personal belongings are accounted for and are returned to them lest
a spell turns awry. It is advised that everybody collects their physical
belongings from their overseas hotel rooms by hand, however, because we
have wands, many bloomers and rooks summon their suitcases and personal
items to themselves when overseas, and in the past, many travellers have been
caught out when their personal items have not completed the journey to their
owners and have become “lost in transportation”. Some items have ended up
in the wilted realm at various and random locales, whilst, sometimes, some
items did not move from their original spot at all. In the event you are
planning to go overseas anytime soon, this ministry advises that you do not
summon money, extra clothing, broomsticks, food, drinks, toiletries, or extra
equipment from one country to another, lest it becomes lost in transportation.
It is not always easy for this ministry to track down your lost items.

Products and Services
This ministry ensures that all food outlets and cafes and restaurats are selling
real food and beverages to the general public. It also ensures that clothing is
real clothing, furniture is real furniture, and feathers are real feathers. Because
of spells and wands, criminals in the past have been known to transform items
into items of lesser value, or of something entirely different, and consumers
have been horrified by their purchases when what they have bought has
transformed into its true self, a few hours after purchasing. In 1999 Mrs Wella
Sawdust bought a broom from an unnamed store in England, and after having
it in her possession for a few hours it turned into a wilted object she was
unable to, and had no desire to, own. This ministry strongly and closely
monitors all manufacturers, ensuring they are making physical goods, and that
the goods they are manufacturing are actually what retailers say they are. This
ministry also works closely with the Magical Business Ministry in
benchmarking the prices retailers can sell their goods for.

Law Enforcement
This ministry works closely with the Judicial Ministry in keeping law and
order in society, creating rules, setting boundaries, and making sure everyone
adheres to social norms, and laws. Criminals who break laws are surveilled by
law enforcement, and are then dealt with by the Judicial Ministry, which acts
very much like the court system the wilted population have adopted in their
form of government. We do not have a court system, or a government structure
known as a parliament, and we do not employ people who wear uniforms and
call them police officers. We do have people however who are known as the
MOB – the Monitors of Behaviour, and they can often be seen patrolling our
streets and our airways of a night time on their bright neon-green broomsticks.

Judicial Ministry
This ministry is very much-needed in our society and works closely with every
other ministry we have. This ministry acts like the “court-system” the wilted
realm have. This ministry are a collection of people based in Canberra,
Melbourne, Sydney and Hobart, who, alongside the MOB, punish, penalise,
fine, or de-magic criminals who perform criminal acts (physical and magical).
A criminal act is deemed to be any action or behaviour that goes against the
laws and legislations set out by the Law Enforcement Ministry. The Judicial
Ministry has a hierarchy of ministers who collaborate to
discuss/dissect/analyse/assess/review people’s crimes, punishments, and if
punishments are to be imprisoning of an individual, then, much like a wilted
judge, this ministry will invoke sentencing on that individual which will see
them detained and locked in a prison cell, wandless.

Spell Reversals
This ministry is responsible for going back in time and reversing certain spells,
charms, or magical actions that have caused injury to a person, or have caused
an unsavoury chain-reaction of incidents, that are unwanted by all persons
involved. This has been the most controversial ministry to date, with many
bloomers and rooks protesting for its disbandment, annually, because of many
people’s daily routines and activities having been adjusted by the ministry
without their consent, or prior approval, or even awareness. This ministry
decides how and when spell reversals will occur, and which states in Australia
are affected by a spell reversal. In elaborating, a spell-reversal can be as
small-scale as going back in time to one minute ago, and concerning only one
room full of people, or it can be as large-scale as going back twenty years ago,
and concerning the whole magical population worldwide. Spell-reversals are
common, but are looked at a last resort by every ministry concerned. Nobody
in our realm likes them, because of the inconvenience they cause, however the
Minister has decided that this ministry will continue to function as a ministry
because parts of society are bereft without its presence.

Magic Rectification
This ministry is in charge of controlling the results and effects of large, and
complex spells and charms that have gone horribly wrong. They rectify the
effects of the spell as best they can either by working alongside the Spell
Reversals Ministry, or by casting other spells to solve the issue. However, as
we all know, every spell has an outcome, and sometimes these spells have
additional outcomes. These additional outcomes are not always anticipated,
and therefore more spells are often needed to counteract these additional

Magic Allowance
This ministry is the crux of the whole magical realm that we live in. The
magical realm itself was created using a magical allowance that mirrors the
wilted realm. The sheer magnitude of magic involved to replicate an entire
world is actually dangerous in its execution and is the reason why we do not
have space travel in our realm. A limit was reached; to create a whole universe
with magic alone would put the magical world in a severe magic debt for at
least one million years. It is a debt we would never repay, causing magic to
fold in on itself and gradually over time become weaker in its strength. This
magic limitation is also the reason why we have no technology in our realm,
no insects in our realm, and only some of the animals belonging to the animal
This ministry is in charge of alloting magic to schools, families, hospitals,
businesses, and people. Like currency, there is only so much to go around.
There are even some countries in the world whose magic isn’t as strong as our
class of magic because it has degenerated in quality over time. These countries
are those whom are known as underdeveloped countries. With very little
physical money to go around, people have exhausted their resources of magic
to survive, to the point where they have lent magic from “magic banks”, and
have been unable to pay it back, putting their government into magic debt,
over and over again. In Australia such “magic banks” do not exist. We
currently have a very healthy and abundant magic economy. There have been
requests from struggling countries to borrow our magic, and thankfully, for our
economy’s sake, our government has denied them access to our supplies of
magic. This to those struggling countries may seem selfish, cruel and anti-
global, however, our country has itself at the heart of its concerns, naturally,
as does every country, and we have survived, economically because of it.

Prohibited Items
This ministry is in charge of monitoring the general public for items that are
marked in Australia as being prohibited. That includes any ingredient that can
be used in a potion to make a hallucinogenic substance, or any kind of
substance that would have a negative effect on the longterm cognition and
mindset of any bloomer or rook. Drugs in the magical realm are absolutely
illegal, and heavy punishments are given to those who are caught by the MOB
with drugs in their possession. Spellbooks including black spells are also
prohibited inside the magic realm, and anyone found to have a black
spellbook in their possession will be punished in a very heavy way. Black
wands which are being sold on the black market are also prohibited, and
anyone with a black wand in their home will be imprisoned, with a sentence
being determined by the severity of the spells cast by that wand.

Intertwined Ministry
This ministry is a behind-the-scenes kind of ministry that the public know very
little about, and that is because it is purely a ministry that was created to serve
all the other ministries and to act as a go-between in terms of communications
and resources. Without this ministry, all the other ministries would still be in
the dark about what each sector is working on at any given time. Most of the
time, all of the ministries must collaborate on new laws and legislations
anyway, so this ministry is crucial to the smooth-running of law-
implementation, and of that, timeliness, cost-effectiveness, and relevance. This
ministry is everyone else’s secretary per se.

To Be Continued…


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