Technology doesn’t just “advance” every year. It’s already at a peak we can’t fathom, and governments don’t want us to know this.

Maybe I have read about the future too much, but when it comes to technology this is what I think.

I think companies are pulling the wool over our eyes. Phones, cars, and computers don’t just become better nor improve each year. Companies like Apple, Sony, Google and Samsung are simply instructed to make us think they do. They need us to think that their employees, technicians, their scientists, and their experts, somehow, cleverly outdo themselves with a product that’s smarter, better, and cheaper every year.

Here’s the thing. The phones and cars people will use in 2060 per se, already exist. And when I say exist, I mean it’s more than just an idea, a drawing sketched on paper, or a model programmed into drawing software. They exist as whole, physical products, that have been built from scratch and are now in working order. They work, they can be commercialised and they are extremely profitable. And this right here is what keeps the economy going. And governments are smiling knowing they have a global stockroom.

They’re saying: Let’s release this model in 2015, this one in 2016, this one in 2017, and so on, and tell consumers that Apple and Sony and Google and Samsung have found better ways to manufacture their products. It’s all bullshit if you ask me. Wonderful woolly bullshit pulled over our eyes to keep we consumers and the economy in check. If technology and products from 2060 was suddenly being sold tomorrow with no documented progress made in between, we all would be horrified by how far technology actually goes. And, it also may scare us a little. This is why, over the next 40 years, the world will inch closer and closer to it. Instead of just stuffing it in our faces all at once. It would be too hard to digest, I would imagine. And governments know this.

Wall Street has just collapsed and shares have plummeted. What should we do? What CAN we do to counteract this? Oh, we can just release an electric car, or a waterproof phone, or a hoverboard. Everyone will go shopping again and everything will be sweet. That is their thinking. And not only that but the timeline on which we live is a schedule that must be followed and abided by in terms of what is manufactured, how it is advertised, when and to whom. Because we need to be tested and observed. Governments need to evaluate our buying habits, spending habits, and global supply and demand. They need to document it all. They need companies to submit their annual profits and losses. Why? So that the world leaders can track us. So they can collate this data and form an analysis. And use this analysis to keep the economy going. How do they keep the economy going? By always being one step ahead of the consumer. Large boards and CEOs may own companies, but it’s world governments who control them and tell them what to do.

And the scary thing is, it doesn’t only happen with technology. It is happening with fashion, homewares and homes too. It is all part of a much larger picture, a grand design, if you will, and it is the essence of consumerism. Consumerism is driven by world governments who feel safe knowing they have access to a global stockroom. We need a new global singer – let’s pick this young girl from this country. We need a new global chef. Let’s hand-pick this guy from this country. We need a new high-tech refrigerator. Well Hisense have it covered.

If we seriously think things in the world just “happen”, and technology just evolves, we are all fools. Because it doesn’t. There’s a global stockroom full of products and services, that are just waiting in a queue, ready to be released, incorporating technologies that we can’t even fathom.


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