Dexa: Year 2220. Young Adult Fiction.

Characters created using Sims4.

Chapter One

I’m Olyx. I have neon green wavy hair, violet eyes and bright pink lips. Sounds strange doesn’t it? It’s not. Here in Dexa, it’s completely normal.  I wasn’t created the way babies hundred of years ago were – there is no such thing as reproducing nowadays, because women don’t have the right kinds of organs to carry babies in their bodies. I was born in the year 2203 when couples wishing to have children had to go to their local baby clinic to choose a baby. Choosing means they select eye, hair, lip, brow and skin color. A baby, once all desired features have been chosen, is then grown in a glass case for nine months that is filled with a special kind of water that emulates amniotic fluid. When the nine months is up, the parents go and pick the baby up and then take it home. A child is stuck with their features all their life – there is no such thing as hair dye or makeup in Dexa. I have a small group of close-knit friends. Patra – she’s awesome. She has grey hair, grey eyes, grey brows and blood red lips. Her mum once found a photo of a person from 1990 and thought she would design her baby to look like this woman. This woman’s name was Helen Mirren.  Photos don’t exist anymore. Neither does paper. We know what paper is. We just don’t make it. Patra’s boyfriend Daz is uber cool too. He has black hair, black eyes and pale lips. His best friend, and my boyfriend Dax is also damn cool. He has cobalt blue hair, cobalt blue brows and black eyes. Then there’s Kix who’s obsessed with the color red and stars. She has red hair, red brows, red lips and is always in starry clothes. Our sidekick Zala is the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet. She’s five foot nothing, and has bright pink hair, bright pink brows, and black lips. She always wearing strange earrings.

I go into the kitchen one morning when Mum asks me if I have seen the news. I say that I haven’t.

“They’re rumours the government is going to close down all the baby clinics.” Mum says, chewing eggs and toast and then sipping some of her soy chai latte from her clear double-insulated glass cup.

“Why would they close them? It’s a thousand dollars a child. The government is making money, not losing it.” I say, sitting down in a chair with a mug of soy chai.

“They are making tidy profits but there is something amiss here. They just aren’t saying what.” Mum says.

“Eventually we will all grow up. What are they gonna do when they have run out of people?” I say, thinking about how the population will shrink in size if the clinics stop creating babies.

“You’re thinking it will get as bad as that but it won’t.” Mum says.

“It’s worse than that. Ten years ago the last child was born naturally.”

“Yes. But we’ve had these clinics so that we can keep the population going. So we have been safe.” Mum says.

“If these rumours are true, the population will stop growing.” I say.

“The government knows what they’re doing. They’ll close the clinics for three years or so and then they’ll open them up again. Watch.” Mum gets off from her chair and puts her plate, cutlery and glass cup in the dishwasher and goes into the bathroom to have a shower.

I hop on the phone on the kitchen table and call my boyfriend Dax. The table lights up as it calls him. After a few rings and some vibrations of the table, he answers.

“Hey babe, it’s Olyx.” I say.

“I’ve missed you.” He breathes and smiles.

“Have you heard the rumours? They’re saying the government are going to close down all the baby clinics.”

“Yes, I heard. Mum was saying something about that. Freia cracked the shits because she wanted a baby pretty soon.” Dax mentions his older sister Freia, who is 27 years old and happily married to a man called Massot.

“It is a bit unfair to just close them down. There are thousands of married couples wanting kids.” I say.

“Yeah well Freia’s one of them and she isn’t happy. She’s pretty pissed.”

“She could always adopt.” I say.

“She could.” He says. 

“I better get back to studying. I have my english exam tomorrow.” I say, stepping away from the table a little.

“Okay babe. Call me when you’re done ok? I wanna come over.” He says.

“I will. See ya later handsome boy!” I tap END CALL on the table and Dax’s face disappears from my kitchen table. 

“Who was that?” Mum asks, towel-drying the hell out of her gorgeous pink hair. 


“What does he think about the baby clinics closing?”

“His sister Freia is pissed.” Mum laughs.

“She’ll have to wait now before she can start a family. It’s not very fair.” I say.

“Ol, they’re only still rumors. Let’s wait and see if anything comes of it first.” Mum says.

I go back to my room to re-read Chapter 10 of The Ascent of Man by Jacob Bronowski. That’s what we have been studying all semester at school and I have decided I want to write my exam essay on it. Evolution fascinates me.





















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