If you dislike my personality, keep it to yourself.

I am a twenty six year old woman who was born and raised in Melbourne Australia. I was brought up well, with manners, courtesy and respect. I am not racist and I respect all races and nationalities.

I work in retail and my customers come from all countries and backgrounds. I love everyone equally and will chat to every customer as if we are old friends, laughing, joking, and genuinely being happy to serve them.

What I do not appreciate however is when a customer with a middle eastern background complains about me to my middle eastern colleague in a language only they can understand. Allow me to explain my day at work to you all.

The middle eastern customer asks me if he can be served by my male middle eastern colleague. That’s fine. He wants to be served by a man, and not a woman, and someone he can have a laugh with in his own language, despite the fact he speaks fluent English. That’s fine right? I don’t have the right to be annoyed by that.

What I am annoyed by, is his complaint that he made to my colleague about me which my colleague then relayed to me after the gentleman had left.

He complained and asked if we women did any work at work. And he said we shouldn’t be laughing or joking or talking to eachother because apparently it’s unprofessional. This is funnily enough what my middle eastern male colleague believes as well. And whilst I sit here feeling insulted I am intelligent enough to understand that his complaint does not revolve around my lack of professionalism at all, but simply the fact I am a woman, a free woman, speaking loudly, with a happy, and carefree demeanour. 

I would love to tell this customer that I LIVE IN AUSTRALIA. Women here are not oppressed, nor should we lower our voices, just because that is what middle eastern men would expect us to do. I am in my place of work chatting to my fellow female colleague. I do not need to be made to feel uncomfortable at work because I am being who I am.

It irks me so much that he expects me to behave in a manner that women in some overseas countries are forced to behave in. It upsets me that he has the audacity to complain about me to my male colleague, because they are both males. I am sorry, but what is this? A Men’s Complaint Club? 

Australia is a democracy. Not a patriarchy!!!! If you have visited my place of work and have been served by me and you have personally been offended by my happy go lucky and bubbly and chatty personality – then you can go and suck the d#@k that I don’t have.

I will never bow down to a man’s expectations. And no middle eastern/asian/european man should EVER expect an Australian woman to keep in line with his ideologies.


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