In 2090…

Ipads/Phones/TVs/Computers/Keys/Credit cards will be replaced with one small rice grain-size chip injected into a person’s head into the skin just behind the ear. And a small rice grain-size chip injected into the webbing of skin in our hands between our thumbs and first finger. People will call loved ones by talking to themselves – they’ll actually be talking to the chip behind their ear which is controlled by our voices using speech commands. The chip in our hands, most likely our dominant hand, can be used when purchasing goods with the simple wave of our hand. Very alike the concept of paywave that we have globally today sans credit cards or our phones. 

Our kitchen tables will replace all gadgetry in the kitchen. They will be built with a digital screen embedded into the surface that will behave as a computer screen, a television screen and a telephone. Women will be able to flick through digital magazines on the table in front of them while eating their breakfast while men can peruse the morning paper at their end of the table, with everyone in the family being able to partake in a different activity once a function called “Family Mode” has been requested via voice command, for example.

Cars (like the current Google self-driving car) will be self-driving, and have a very large memory to literally “remember” things. Cars will be able to store our personal data in their harddrives. And names and numbers of our friends. Cars will have holographic screens that display themselves when asked to so that passengers can watch movies, listen to music or face call their friends all whilst they are being driven to their requested destination. 

Cars will not have wheels. They will float above roads about one metre off the ground. Petrol will only be used in industrial machinations and vehicles, causing a huge shift in the exporting of petrol. This will in turn cause chaos in the political world as Russia and Saudi Arabia and our large oil and petrol exporters have to rethink their whole commodity monopoly. Cars will recharge themselves using power points built underneath our driveways. Floating stationary overnight for say eight hours will be enough time for the car to be fully charged and ready for the new day ahead.

We will have robot maids and they will cook and clean for us. They will look, dress, speak, and behave like humans, with their intelligence, intellect, creativity, and memory being superior to ours.

They will help us raise our children and happily do the 3am bottle feeds with newborn babies. Children will love these robots and look at them as a kind of nanny. Female robots will dominate the maid industry with very few male robots wanting to be employed as maids knowing it is stereotypically a female-held role. Unfortunately gender-based stereotypes have not been ignored or forgotten by our robot friends.

Robots will not be allowed to adopt children even though there will come a time when robot women will want their own human babies to raise and there are thousands of children who are wards of the state and “in the system” needing good, quality care.

Robots will fight for their rights and many humans will side with them against the government to better robots’ rights.


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