This does not deserve death.

Reading that Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran are going to be executed in two days’ time upsets me. I understand that what they did was wrong, but here in Australia, we value our people. And we give our people second chances. I am so gut-wrenchingly sad and appalled that these two men, who have already paid the price for their stupidity and crimes, will pay the ultimate price in the eyes of the Indonesian Government.

God would not want this. I do not want this, and their families do not want this. I wish these men’s lives could be spared so that the world can see that people can change. I do not know them or their families – we are complete strangers – yet I feel overwhelmingly helpless and useless, that as a fellow Aussie, I can do nothing to stop this impending crisis.

This is a crisis and a tragedy. Here in Australia we value our families and our loved ones. Killing these two men is killing their families. There will be more than two people punished on the 29th of April this year. Albeit their crimes being significant, every human being knows right from wrong and these men know right from wrong.

The whole of Australia will mourn them terribly – not because we know them personally and not because we condone drug trafficking behaviour – but because we feel with our hearts, and we wholeheartedly understand that sometimes people make mistakes. What they did was an absolute lapse in their judgment and I have no sympathy for their desire to carry out criminal activity. However, what I do have sympathy for is that their families will never see them again. These men will never see Australia again, they will never come home again. They will never breathe Australian air, they will never stand on Australian soil, and they will never again be blinded by the Australian sun.

There are so many things that make us all Australian – the death penalty is not one of those things. It is only Monday and I am already crying.


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