Stigma’s rightful place is out the window.

Unfortunately stigma sets us apart. It’s a nasty thing society has attached to certain kinds of people for no reason at all. Stigma should have disappeared with the dinosaurs, but it lingered. Whoever created this earth injected this elusive, invisible omnipresence – we all know it’s there but it has no substance – into society and now we’re stuck with it. I guess all we can do is deal with it. We can address it. We can fight against it too. As a straight human being I am appalled that we are living in 2016 yet there are still laws against same sex marriage in some countries. Whoever decided that marriage is between a man and a woman is no longer alive, so why are we still listening to them with our legal system Australia? I am hearing a faint key word here. Bible. Something about a bible. Oh, so the first people on earth were called Adam and Eve right? And then they slept together and populated the world? Big deal. They probably hated each other  and I can tell you that there is one thing more important than sex in this day and age – well in any day and age – and that’s love. Love in its romantic form is the reason why two women will walk down the street holding hands, and it’s also the reason why two grown men have their arms around each other crossing the road. Is there anything wrong with it? No. It’s human nature. And if you’re homophobic I suggest you stop reading this right now because future posts might offend you. There will come a time when the bible goes out of print and the remaining copies of the bible will be archived in state libraries worldwide for those citizens, religious, or studying religion, as a reference book. There will come a time when same sex marriage is more relevant than the bible itself – 1 in 2 human beings will be interested in someone of the same sex and the bible will just be one of many documents, aged, outdated, and lost to time, forever condemned to gather dust on a metal or mahogany book shelf in a historical section somewhere.


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