It’s time to voice up.

It is becoming clearer to me that the future of anything lies within this digital world we find ourselves soaring into. There’s no point in fighting it – we might as well embrace it. Those of you, like me, who want to hark back to the time of typewriters and blotting paper are cringing – I know, I understand. I am too. A blog, you say? A blog, the world says. I am constantly being reminded that it is in fact 2015, and not 1940 anymore. With the imminent extinction of printed newspapers, magazines and books, I fear those of us who feel most comfortable wrapped up in crocheted blankets, sipping tea in our pyjamas, whilst watching Antiques Roadshow will undoubtedly be left behind in this world where the only true voices are those on twitter and in online newsfeeds, the only collectable images on Instagram and tumblr. Kodak only means something to those of us old enough to remember running around the backyard with our older sister’s camera, and a negative? Well, the opposite of a negative is a positive right? Wrong. A negative is a little brown strip of film… well, you’ll never see one again unless you sift through some google images. We all have a voice – each and every one of us. So here’s to using mine and to hoping that my voice can be a positive contribution in this complex, interesting, intricate web of online celebrities, politicians, ambassadors, protestors, facebookers, instagrammers and ordinary people. Because we are all ordinary, until we’re extraordinary, and our voices are what set us apart. This blog is dedicated to all of those voiceless minorities in the world, who are entitled to freedom of speech, but for whatever reason, have been left voiceless. I am no one special. I will not allude to issues or topics that haven’t been chewed up and spat out by countless others on social/online media before me. This blog is just my interpretation.


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